100 daily doses of milk supplements to children in need in India

Give Milk to Supplement a Child's Nutrition

Bitcoin Enpact - 100 daily doses of milk supplements to children

Impact Level

Provided funding 100 daily doses of milk supplements to children in need

Project managed by: SAGE Foundation

Country: India

Project Description

Help a child grow up normally and healthily by covering the costs of providing 200ml of milk for a day. Many impoverished children develop mild mental retardation due to malnutrition or suffer from impaired cognitive development, permanently crippling them for a lifetime. The provision of milk will give a child living on a simple diet an important source of nutrition, enabling them to develop normally.

More About This Project

The SAGE Foundation helps organisations including Shikshan Gram (shelter for homeless village children), Helping Hands in Service (for slum children of Geeta Nagar Slums), Arts of Living (for slum children of Dharavi), HSNC Board (for educating slum children in their school for under resourced children), Dreamz Home (for educating and nurturing homeless street children) and Cancer Patients Aid Association (for educating and nurturing homeless street children). All the children are given 2 glasses of milk daily – one in the morning and one in the evening.

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