100 days of access to a classroom for students in Cambodia

Help Build a Classroom for Children in Cambodia

Bitcoin Enpact - 100 days of access to a classroom for students

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Provided funding for 100 days of access to a classroom for students.

Project managed by: Child’s Dream

Country: Cambodia

Project Description

A severe lack of educational infrastructure has led to extremely unsafe and unhygienic learning environments in remote schools in Cambodia. Without safe and motivating classrooms, schools suffer from low enrolment and class attendance rates and high dropout rates. Additionally, communities lack awareness of the importance of education. Your contribution will help build a safe and motivating classroom for children in Cambodia. This will significantly reduce school dropout rates as students will feel driven to continue their education, and parents will clearly see the value of education.

More About This Project

Your contribution will help to provide children in Cambodia a safe and secure learning environment, which is essential for educational success. Education is proven to be one of the most important factors for sustained social and economic development. So far, Child’s Dream has built 327 schools in the Mekong Sub-Region (and many more classrooms!). When embarking on educational infrastructure projects, we establish a close partnership with community leaders and school management, laying the foundation for successful project implementation and greater sustainability. The community actively participates in the construction, which gives the villagers a stronger sense of pride and ownership over their project. After the infrastructure is finished, the community is responsible for all building maintenance work and upkeep. With a strong sense of community support, these classrooms will continue to provide a safe and motivating environment for students to learn for many years to come.

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