100 days of access to sustainable water systems in Peru

Build Inclusive and Lasting Water Systems in Peru

Bitcoin Enpact - 100 days of access to sustainable water systems

Impact Level

Provided funding for 100 days of access to sustainable water systems.

Project managed by: Water For People

Country: Peru

Project Description

81% of rural Peruvians have access to basic, safely managed water services. But these figures do not reflect access to clean water critical for handwashing and preventing diseases. Instead of spending hours to fetch water, clean water nearby means women and children can pursue education or productive activities. Your support builds water systems, provides communities with health and hygiene education, and strengthens local government and communities to maintain, finance, and monitor these systems without aid.

More About This Project

In rural areas, the cost of being ill is much greater and access to good health care scarcer. Water For People works in rural communities hit hard by COVID-19.

Support is key to ensuring sustainable, reliable clean water and sanitation systems to improve the lives of Perú for generations.

With your support in 2022, Water For People will reach about 2,075 vulnerable people with new or rehabilitated water access in the districts of Asunción, Cascas, and Reque.

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