100 days of improved education to children in collaborative schools in Tanzania

Improve the Education Quality for Children

Bitcoin Enpact - 100 days of improved education to children in c

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Provided funding for 100 days of improved education to children in collaborative schools in Tanzania

Project managed by: So They Can

Country: Tanzania

Project Description

Support this collaborative education programs with government schools in rural communities in rural Tanzania to improve the quality of education for the local children and pave the way to a brighter future. So They Can sees that assisting existing local schools by sharing their expertise, man-power and funding has the biggest impact. They train teachers and provide them with practical experience at local schools. This collaboration lifts both the teachers experience and the schools knowledge, producing great outcomes for teachers, students and trainees.

More About This Project

So They Can operates in the Babati district in rural Tanzania. It was chosen as it is one of the porest in Tanzania, with the greatest need for improving the quality of learning environment and teaching. All schools in the program feel the impact of the targeted and strategic support under the umbrella of our Education Collaborative.

For learning to be effective So They Can focuses on 6 foundations:
– Teacher Training and development
– Student well-being
– Development of school boards
– Government partnerships
– Community and stakeholder engagement
– School infrastructure and resources

So They Can established and runs Mamire Teachers Training College to address the severe teacher deficit in the District and Region. Upon graduation from the teachers training college, they secure employment for the teachers and in turn lift the learning of thousands of students across the region, one of the poorest in Tanzania.

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