1095 days of access to latrines for families in Cambodia

Give Access to a Latrine

Bitcoin Enpact - 1095 days of access to latrines for families in

Impact Level

Provided funding for 1095 days of access to latrines for families in Cambodia.

Project managed by: Trailblazer Foundation 

Country: Cambodia

Project Description

Latrines may be one of the least glorious project areas, but building latrines is one of the most important services – especially when it comes to advancing the health of rural communities. Many villagers still practice outdoor defecation, which leads to increased rates of diarrhoea, skin disease, respiratory illnesses, and other waterborne diseases. Additionally, it also presents a safety issue. Many women and young girls feel afraid to enter the fields at night for fear of assault or worse. Having their own latrine in the safety of their house compound provides dignity, health, and safety.

More About This Project

Clean water and latrines tie Trailblazer directly into a worldwide health strategy known as ‘WASH’ (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), referring to a group of interrelated public health issues which are the focus of many international development organizations. WASH programs are widely considered to hold great potential for improving health, life expectancy, student learning, gender equality, and other key benefits in developing countries.

Trailblazer believes that nothing should be given for free, as we do not want to promote any attitudes of ‘entitlement’. As with our wells and filters, villagers collaborate financially and through labour work, which builds their sense of ownership – crucial for a successful project. For latrine projects, Trailblazer provides concrete tanks, PVC piping and porcelain toilets, for which villagers contribute $12.50. Once they have built the walls and roof for the latrine, they receive $7.50 back, with the remaining $5.00 going into their village fund.

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