1095 days of access to the toilet to families in Malawi

Provide Access to a Toilet

Bitcoin Enpact - 1095 days of access to the toilet to families i

Impact Level

Provided funding for 1095 days of access to the toilet to families in Malawi.

Project managed by: Every Home Global Concern

Country: Malawi

Project Description

Envision not having any access to a toilet or any form of sanitation facility ever! Many families living in the remote areas of Malawi and Zambia face such predicaments and often suffer from poor health and diseases due to the lack of proper and hygienic sanitation. You can help to decrease the incidence of sickness and keep families alive by building a toilet for people who will have access to it for the first time! Let’s give people dignity so that they don’t have to daily use the bush as a toilet!

More About This Project

Since 2016, as one component of the Food Security Program, EHGC has been enabled by its donors to provide more than 371 toilets to communities in Malawi and Zambia. These are simple brick toilets that the villagers learn to construct themselves. This has enabled more than 21,701 men, women and children improve their health and wellbeing.

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