1095 days of beekeeping business support to farmers in Kenya

Help a Farmer Run a Beekeeping Business

Bitcoin Enpact - 1095 days of beekeeping business support to Ken

Impact Level

Provided funding for 1,095 days of beekeeping business support to farmers in Kenya.

Project managed by: The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust

Country: Kenya

Project Description

Running a beekeeping business can be a sustainable and ongoing way of income generation for farmers and entire families. Having a stable source of income can help not only families, but also smaller communities to improve together, have access to nourishing food, a safe living environment and high quality education for the upcoming generations to break the poverty cycle.

More About This Project

There has still been a good progress in Beekeeping. This has necessitated more distribution of bee hives to farmers with additional 40 bee hives being provided to other farmers. There was a good produce from the honey harvest this season, giving a produce of 404kg of pure quality honey processed and sold for the famers and another 300kg or more done independently by other farmers.This has increased income hence improved the earnings and economic power of these households.

As of 2020, 40 more farmers were gifted bee hives making cumulative farmers benefiting so far to be 181.

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