120 days of community support for older people in the United Kingdom

Provide Physical Community Clubs for Older People

Bitcoin Enpact - 120 days of community support for older people

Impact Level

Provided funding for 120 days of community support for older people

Project managed by: Brendoncare Clubs

Country: United Kingdom

Project Description

Loneliness remains one of the biggest health concerns for older people, with half a million going at least 5-6 days without speaking to anyone at all. Brendoncare Clubs provides friendship/ activity clubs for older people who are vulnerable to loneliness, across Hampshire and Dorset. Your contribution supports the reopening of physical clubs, providing older people in the UK with much-needed face-to-face community support, through lunch, singing, dancing, exercising and socialising programs.

More About This Project

In March 2020, the pandemic forced the closure of all 90 physical clubs. Now, they are once again open, offering a safe space for members!

“I slept so well last night knowing that I was meeting up with my friends today. The Club makes such a difference to me and has since I started there over 7 years ago.”– Joan, Brendoncare Club Member.

The pandemic has been especially difficult for older people, with isolation and loneliness a reality for many. The majority of the members and volunteers live alone, with two-thirds over 70 years of age and a third over 80. Brendoncare’s Clubs offer regular meet ups for members vulnerable to isolation and loneliness. At least half have long term health conditions such as Parkinson’s, dementia or heart disease. Some have additional struggles of anxiety and depression, making them most vulnerable. As the clubs reopen, members are welcomed with a variety of face-to-face activities, including lunch, social clubs, exercise classes, kurling and day trips.

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