120 days of early childhood education for children in Ghana

Sponsor Early Childhood Education for Children

Bitcoin Enpact - 120 days of early childhood education for child

Impact Level

Provided funding for 120 days of early childhood education.

Project managed by: Sabre Education

Country: Ghana

Project Description

The early childhood years are where the foundations are laid for children to succeed throughout the rest of their learning journey and beyond, and yet in Ghana there is a serious lack of quality kindergarten education. No books, no paper, no pencils – just canes, for the teacher to keep the children in line. Your support for Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training program would equip teachers in transforming their teaching practices and introducing play-based learning into their kindergarten classrooms, a proven teaching method which improves children’s learning outcomes in the early years.

More About This Project

Walking into a kindergarten classroom in Ghana, you can expect to see children sitting in rows in a dark, hot classroom, listening to teachers reciting the alphabet at the front of the class day after day. With the help of Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training, children are getting a better start to their education. Now, the classroom walls are adorned with paintings and paper chains are strung across the ceiling. There are pretend shops, building blocks and picture books. There are no canes in the classrooms, no reciting from the blackboard. Instead there are songs, stories, laughter and most of all, there is play.

“I can confidently say that my children are ahead of those in the traditional set up. In rote-learning, you tell them this is the word and this is how you say it. But now, they are trying to put sounds together and pronounce the word themselves. Half of my class are reading sentences now.” – Kindergarten Teacher

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