120 days of necessities to the homeless in South Africa

Provide Necessities for Homeless People in South Africa

Bitcoin Enpact - 120 days of necessities to the homeless in Sout

Impact Level

Provided funding for 120 days of necessities to the homeless.

Project managed by: U-turn

Country: South Africa

Project Description

Homelessness is one of the brutal legacies of Apartheid in South Africa. It is a complex condition resulting from developmental inequality, poverty, and a lack of social cohesion and personal choices. It affects individuals, families and communities at large, and the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the number of people facing the harsh reality of life on the streets. Your support provides much needed relief of food, clothing and ablution facilities for those who are homeless in Cape Town, South Africa.

More About This Project

In addition to basic short-term relief, your contribution provides those who homeless with access to long-term support, rehabilitation and skills development. This equips people to overcome homelessness and lead lives of independence, resilience, dignity and fulfilled potential. This is achieved through a phased program starting with food and clothing, drug and alcohol rehab, skills development and sheltered employment. It culminates in a job, financial independence and formal accommodation.

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