120 days of protection against the winter for disabled children in Belarus

Provide Winter Protection for Young People with Disabilities

Bitcoin Enpact - 120 days of protection against the winter for d

Impact Level

Provided funding for 120 days of protection against the winter for disabled children in Belarus

Project managed by: ChildAid to Eastern Europe

Country: Belarus

Project Description

Many families in Belarus have difficulties providing for their children, let alone giving them warm clothing so they do not have to freeze. It gets even harder when their child has special needs and they find it hard to find work whilst caring for their child. You can help these children by providing warm winter clothes to protect them against the cold. With intensely cold winters, poor housing insulation and difficulty in paying household bills, the support of providing winter warmth through scarves, hats, gloves or blankets can be life-changing and even life-saving.

More About This Project

Unemployment and an imbalance in wealth distribution are huge problems in Belarus. Especially considering that less than 10 percent of unemployed people are not receiving welfare benefits. And amidst this poverty are families who are suffering at -40C during the harsh winter months of Belarus. Many houses are poorly isolated, making it difficult to find any kind of warmth and posing a life-threatening situation for children and young people, especially those living with any form of disability. Winter protection of clothing or blankets will be distributed to young people, all living with a learning or physical disability.

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