120 days worth of classroom maintenance for children in Kenya

Maintain a Classroom for Quality Education in Kenya

Bitcoin Enpact - 120 days worth of classroom maintenance for chi

Impact Level

Provided funding for 120 days worth of classroom maintenance for children.

Project managed by: So They Can

Country: Kenya

Project Description

Make a priceless contribution and help maintain the Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Kenya. Your contribution will help to keep the school in good and safe condition, and allows the school to operate as long as possible. Founded in 2010, this primary school enables 1080 children to continually attend early childhood and primary education, and develop and prepares them for secondary school. With general wear and tear to the buildings, continual maintenance is required at the school to ensure So They Can can provide a safe and weather- proof learning environment for many years to come.

More About This Project

Your support helps covering the ongoing maintenance costs. This maintenance covers general repair like replacing broken windows, repainting of blackboards, replacing light bulbs, repairs to tiles and floor surfaces and repainting are some common reparation work required to maintain the school facilities in Kenya.

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