120 medical consultations for marginalized rainforest communities in Indonesia

Provide Healthcare for Rainforest Communities

Bitcoin Enpact - 120 medical consultations for marginalized rain

Impact Level

Provided funding for 120 medical consultations for marginalised rainforest communities.

Project managed by: Health In Harmony

Country: Indonesia

Project Description

In one of the critical rainforests in Borneo, people log to pay for expensive medical bills because they simply have no other option. One man needed to cut down 60 old-growth trees to pay for a family members’ c-section. By sponsoring the cost of a patient visit in a medical center, you not only provide high-quality healthcare and make the community healthier, but you also save the rainforest as people will no longer need to log to afford necessary medical care. Care ranges from treating diseases like TB and persistent cough, to COVID-19 support, and to maternal and infant care.

More About This Project

The organisation operates a medical center that provides healthcare services at affordable rates, even offering non-cash payment options such as seedlings for reforestation, organic manure for sustainable farming, and handicrafts. The communities’ key innovation is a “green credit” system, whereby villages not involved in illegal logging receive discounts which allows people to protect the resources they value, without having to worry about their families’ health and security. The medical center is run by an entirely Indonesian staff and ASRI builds its medical staff capacities through exchange programs with physicians at Yale and Stanford.
The clinic provides medical care ranging from dental, vision, and general care for diseases like diabetes and hypertension to poverty-related and tropical diseases like dengue fever.In the first ten years, there was a 90% drop in logging households and a 67% decrease in infant mortality along with improvements in other key health indicators.

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