120 people in Bangladesh with an income-generating rickshaw

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Bitcoin Enpact - 120 people in Bangladesh an income-generating t

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Provided funding for 120 people with an income-generating rickshaw

Project managed by: Every Home Global Concern

Country: Bangladesh

Project Description

Provide rickshaw pullers in Bangladesh with the opportunity to own their own rickshaw instead of being forced to pay exorbitant rental fees. Cycle rickshaw pullers in Bangladesh are always in debt and can never earn enough to move out of the slums as they hire the rickshaw at exorbitant rates and are unable to save any money after paying back the lenders. As part of our community development program centred around primary school education for children from the slums, we give men their own rickshaw and, over 2 years they repay half the cost.

More About This Project

In Bangladesh, 20-30 rickshaws are distributed each year to rickshaw pullers who live in the slums with their family. The men are selected on a needs basis, where the project identifies those in extreme poverty who are usually already working as rickshaw drivers. By making it possible for these men to own their own rickshaw, they no longer have to pay rent and the income they earn is all profit. A survey of rickshaw drivers who have been part of this program over 15 years showed that all were out of debt and many had moved out of the slums, built a house, started a business and sent their children to school instead of work.

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