140 text books to disadvantaged children in Kenya

Provide Textbooks for Primary School Children in Kenya

Bitcoin Enpact - 140 text books to disadvantaged children in Ken

Impact Level

Provided funding for 140 text books to disadvantaged children.

Project managed by: So They Can

Country: Kenya

Project Description

Realise the potential for children learning at primary schools in Kenya by providing a child access to a set of textbooks and exercise books. Books are the windows to the world and every book will go towards expanding each and every child’s horizon, allowing them to develop into well-educated and responsible adults that can make a positive contribution to Kenya’s future. Textbooks are a highly sought after commodity in these schools which many children’s families cannot afford. By providing basic textbooks and notebooks we can ensure access to developing skills in reading and writing.

More About This Project

This program supports all the 1,200+ students that study at So They Can school each year. It also runs a partnership with 7 public primary schools from 2 vunlerable communities – Nakuru slum areas and very remote rural East Pokot – benefitting thousands of children. These schools are often under-equipped with limited resources and funding from the government. So They Can brings special support to bridge the gap and ensure all children can receive access to education. The areas So They Can collaborates with in Kenya are some of the poorest in the country, when the price of a textbook is unachievable for most families. Your contribution can therefore open up the possibility for children in remote rural Kenya to fully discover their potential.

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