1460 days of clean water to students in Zambia

Give Clean Water to a School

Bitcoin Enpact - 1460 days of clean water to students in Zambia

Impact Level

Provided funding for 1460 days of clean water to students in Zambia.

Project managed by: Build It International 

Country: Zambia

Project Description

Provide clean water for vulnerable children and orphans at a school in rural Zambia, to improve health and prevent the spread of communicable disease, benefitting their families and community. At the community school projects where there is no access to clean water, we drill boreholes and install water pumps plus we build permanent hand wash stations which enable 18 children to wash their hands at one time. Build It identifies community and government schools where there is a need for additional hand washing and Build It contractors and graduates complete the construction of these facilities.

More About This Project

At our community school projects we ensure that clean water is available for all the staff and pupils by providing permanent hand wash stations where 18 pupils can wash their hands at one time. This is already making a difference in preventing the spread of disease amongst pupils, staff and their communities now and in the future.
At new projects where there is no access to clean water, it can require drilling a borehole because there is no reliable
source of surface water and groundwater is found at a depth of at least 25m and often much lower. We then install a hand-pump and construct a concrete apron for drainage. We use a local contractor to undertake the work and test the quality of the water before commissioning. The hand wash stations and hand pumps are a community asset maintained by the school, and if well maintained will last for many years.

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