156 days of special arts program to a disadvantaged young adult in India

Empower a Young Adult through the Creative Arts

Bitcoin Enpact - 156 days of special arts program to a disadvant

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Provided funding for 156 days of special arts program to a disadvantaged young adult

Project managed by: Dream A Dream

Country: India

Project Description

Art is a powerful medium to develop critical life skills in a fun-filled, unobtrusive environment. The young adults in the creative arts program are from vulnerable backgrounds marked by violence and neglect rendering them unable to cope up with the frantic pace of adulthood. The program includes paper craft, drawing and painting, drama, theater, clay modelling, puppetry. It helps them to appreciate their individuality, develop their team skills, responsibility and discipline. The program provides a holistic approach in helping young adults in becoming independent and responsible individuals.

More About This Project

The After School Life Skills Program through Arts currently supports over 5000 young people each year. 49% of the enrolled students were girls. The average attendance percentage was 89% and the retention rate stood at 94%. The program seeks to enable young people to explore their interests, gain self-awareness and assume leadership roles based on an art based life skill curriculum. The sessions are delivered in a classroom or a free space that is provided by the school for arts activities. Using the chosen medium the facilitator encourages the young person to speak up, encourages them to innovate and think of new ideas, the facilitator then encourages the young adults to communicate and explore and share their ideas. With the constant encouragement and support and giving space to the young people the facilitator helps build confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude which also leads to building trust and acceptance.

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