180 days of literacy and business training for women in Uganda

Train Women with Literacy and Business Skills Training

Bitcoin Enpact - 180 days of literacy and business training for

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Provided funding 180 days of literacy and business training for women.

Project managed by: Five Talents

Country: Uganda

Project Description

Five Talents uses savings-led microfinance to establish Savings Groups in rural communities who have limited access to financial services. They work with partners in Uganda to support Groups as members save together and make loans to one another so they can start or grow a small business and generate income. Through education, business skills training and access to small loans, members can meet the needs of their families, diversify their incomes and pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable future. Your generosity enables Five Talents’ partners to reach more women across Uganda.

More About This Project

The project is in the Karamoja region of Uganda where 84% of families live on less than $2.50 a day (UBS & ICF International, 2012).

Our partners, the Karamoja Community Development Trust, set-up Savings Groups in communities who have been socio-economically marginalised. Group members receive literacy, numeracy and business skills training, elect their own leaders and set their own savings requirements and loan interest rates. Members make lending decisions together and self-manage their Group, giving them complete control over their financial future.

In Karamoja 70% of Savings Group members are women and together, Savings Groups have close to $55,000 in savings. This provides a huge safety net for entrepreneurs to withstand financial shocks and emergencies, building their resilience. With their profits, members are better able to obtain healthcare, nutritious food and educational opportunities for their families.

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