200 days of housing for disadvantaged families in the Philippines

Build a Home in the Philippines

Bitcoin Enpact - 200 days of housing for disadvantaged families

Impact Level

Provided funding for 200 days of housing for disadvantaged families.

Project managed by: Gawad Kalinga

Country: Philippines

Project Description

Poverty breeds a slum mentality, forcing the poor to a survival mode where it’s every man for himself. At the heart of the community transformation is restoring dignity, and giving back the poor’s capacity to dream starting with building them a home. Most beneficiaries come from squatter, disaster-prone areas and danger zones and living in shanty, make-shift roofs. This project builds houses for disadvantaged families but it also gives them a home. These beneficiaries become part of a Gawad Kalinga community where they are given values formation to ensure productive, harmonious living.

More About This Project

Everybody deserves to live and grow up in a safe, comfortable, and stable environment. Providing a permanent space and building a caring community for the homeless families in our country will have a direct impact on reducing crime, raising productivity, and improving quality of life for all. By building 3000 homes for the poorest of the poor per year and transforming slums into peaceful and productive communities, Gawad Kalinga can restore the dignity of living of the families without homes nor land to have a permanent space to build their lives and dreams upon.

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