210 days of access to personal hygiene to girls in need in Kenya

Provide Hygiene Kits for Girls

Bitcoin Enpact - 210 days of access to personal hygiene to girls

Impact Level

Provided funding for 210 days of access to personal hygiene to girls.

Project managed by: World Youth International

Country: Kenya

Project Description

Provide women and girls in Kenya with basic female hygiene necessities such as sanitary pads. In Kenya, many women and girls living in poverty cannot afford to purchase disposable pads, and so use unsanitary and unhygienic materials such as old rags, which can cause infections. Many girls will stay home from school because they are embarassed to attend school, missing a week of school every month – this can add up to 10 or more weeks a year! Many fall behind and drop out of school. You can help to improve hygiene, comfort and even education by helping girls to access basic essentials.

More About This Project

Funds raised through this project are used to pay for reusable hygiene kits that are distributed to dozens of girls each month through the Odede Hospital. Staff are on hand to provide training sessions each month and WYI’s Nurses in Action volunteers provide quality education to hundreds of young women during their 4-week programs.

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