210 days of better health through a clean cookstove for families in Honduras

Improve Human Health with Clean Cookstoves

Bitcoin Enpact - 210 days of better health through a clean cooks

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Provided funding 210 days of better health through a clean cookstove for families.

Project managed by: Trees, Water & People

Country: Honduras

Project Description

In Honduras, cooking is done over an inefficient, open fire inside the home. Breathing the toxic smoke can lead to acute respiratory illness, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Women and children are most seriously affected, as they are the ones who spend the most time in the kitchen. The Justa stove significantly reduces household air pollution by 80% on average, providing health benefits such as lowered risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and overall improved quality of life. Your support provides families with a clean cookstove and better health.

More About This Project

Half of the world’s population cooks every meal over what equates to a campfire, burning more wood than necessary and creating unhealthy conditions in the home. In addition to being a risk to human health, the inefficiencies of an open fire result in large amounts of wood from local forests being consumed to provide fuel for cooking. Deforestation rates are rising yearly, contributing to global climate change. The Justa stove reduces the amount of fuelwood a family needs by 50-70%, as compared to standard open fire cooking, and reduces carbon emissions by at least 1.5 tons per year. When vented to the outside of the home, these improved cookstoves also decrease indoor air pollution. Families also spend 50% less on buying fuel, or half the time collecting wood, creating more opportunities for productive activity. Our clean cookstove program is unique because we build all of our stoves in-country, using locally sourced materials and creating much needed jobs within each program country.

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