210 days of support to children of Devadasi in India

Empower Children of Lower Castes Against Sexual Exploitation

Bitcoin Enpact - 210 days of support to children of Devadasi in

Impact Level

Provided funding for 210 days of support to children of Devadasi.

Project managed by: Children of India Foundation

Country: India

Project Description

In lower caste Devadasi communities across North Karnataka, India, girls and young women are forced into sex work due to socio-cultural traditions and poverty. Discriminated against, abused, and denied of their rights, their children also suffer the consequences; with many forced to drop out of school and become sex workers to help support their families. By supporting this project, you provide access to life-skills training to girls, empowering them with the confidence and ability to escape cycles of exploitation. This includes education support and vocational training for some of the girls.

More About This Project

Post puberty, adolescent girls from lower caste Devadasi communities are dedicated as sex workers. A deep-rooted practice, children of Devadasis are abused and discriminated against. Generations of women in the same family engage in the practice, making even undedicated children vulnerable. Abuse, violence and exploitation becomes their way of life.

The Children Empowerment for Good project addresses the issue through a 3-fold solution to empower 2800 girls (aged 12-18) to escape from exploitation. All the girls receive life-skills training such as confidence-building, recognizing self-worth, resilience, and problem-solving. Through this, they learn to overcome challenges with confidence. Beyond life-skills training, 300 of the girls (aged 10-15) receive education support, including study materials, school supplies and free tuition. Another 300 of the girls (aged 15-18) receive job-oriented, vocational training, allowing them access to financial independence and new sources of income.

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