2100 daily doses of vitamin supplements to children in need in Kenya

Give a Child Blindness Prevention

Bitcoin Enpact - 2100 daily doses of vitamin supplements to chil

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Provided funding for 2100 daily doses of vitamin supplements to children in need in Kenya.

Project managed by: New Ways

Country: Kenya

Project Description

Help prevent child blindness by supporting the distribution of a daily dose of vitamin A supplements to a child in Turkana, Northern Kenya. In the early stages of physical development, it is important that a child receives the correct nutrition. Access to a proper diet is extremely limited in Turkana as people are nomadic pastoralist and live off the blood and milk of their animals. By treating children to prevent blindness you are helping a child living in poverty become more confident and courageous by providing him or her a new chance at life through improved nutrition.

More About This Project

Give a precious gift of sight to a child in need. The diet of the children in Turkana is not diversified enough hence, they have vitamin deficiencies, which New Ways seeks to rectify by giving them Vitamin A each month to prevent child blindness.

New Ways have 2 programmes; one in Nariokotome where the mobile clinic travels between 8 different outreach areas and visits 24 villages once per month. This mobile clinic provides services to almost 6,000 children and all of them will be given the vitamin supplements. In addition, there is a smaller Lobur mobile clinic programme where New Ways provides Vitamin A monthly to 1300 children at the 14 nursery schools.

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