2190 days of access to a bednet to prevent malaria in Congo

Provide Communities With Access To Bednets Against Malaria

Bitcoin Enpact - 2190 days of access to a bednet to prevent mala

Impact Level

Provided funding for 2190 days of access to a bednet to prevent malaria.

Project managed by: One for the World

Country: Congo (Kinshasa)

Project Description

Malaria kills over 400 000 people per year and over 200 million people fall ill. 70% of the deaths are children under 5; and malaria is the world’s single largest killer of pregnant women. The most effective means of prevention is sleeping under a mosquito net, treated with long-lasting insecticide. These nets can be distributed for just $5.52 per net, with each net lasting 2 years. Your support would provide people at-risk of malaria with access to bednets, saving the lives of people who could otherwise have contracted malaria and died.

More About This Project

Recommended by One for the World (OFTW), Against Malaria Foundation is arguably the most cost-effective charity in the world. For just over $5, they are able to distribute Long-Lasting Insecticide Nets to people in malarial areas, and also monitor their use. GiveWell, one of the world’s leading charity evaluators, estimate that it costs just $3,000-$5,000 to save a life through the Against Malaria Foundation.

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