240 days of access to e-Learning to children in India

Provide an E-learning Facility for a Rural Village

Bitcoin Enpact - 240 days of access to e-Learning to children in

Impact Level

Provided funding for 240 days of access to e-Learning to children.

Project managed by: The Bombay Mothers & Children Society

Country: India

Project Description

Provide an e-learning facility to a child. Help create the best learning environment for a child in rural India by introducing to him or her the latest technology for effective learning. To meet the demands of today’s global economy, it is crucial that children receive quality education and development that equips them with 21st century skills. Save the children in rural India from the harsh realities of poverty by handing over to them the most important tool of their lives – quality education.

More About This Project

eLearning education programme has been transforming the lives in tribal villages since 2008. The B1G1 Team has also visited the projects multiple times over the past years to see the real impact of this programme. So far, 316 have e-learning facilities installed.

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