245 days of access to lifesaving healthcare to people in Kenya

Bring Healthcare to a Village

Bitcoin Enpact - 245 days of access to lifesaving healthcare to

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Provided funding for 245 days of access to lifesaving healthcare to people in Kenya

Project managed by: New Ways

Country: Kenya

Project Description

Turkana is one of the poorest and least developed counties in Kenya. With limited health facilities and resources of any kind, Turkana is particularly susceptible to illnesses and widespread virus. Coupled with a shortage of water, lack of food, and bearing in mind the high illiteracy level of the community, there is urgent need for immediate action in bringing healthcare equipment, hygiene products, and conducting educational programs within the community.

More About This Project

Nariokotome Public Health Clinic is located 160kms north of Lodwar town on the western shore of Lake Turkana. It’s at the centre of an extensive area of 11,000 square Kms in which there are a number of small population centres and settlements. This project will benefit all the villages within Nariokotome PHC catchment area an approximate population of about 45.000 people.

New Ways will bring much needed medical equipment such as hygiene products, sanitising items, diagnostic equipment, and personal protective equipment for medical personnel in addition to much needed food and water.

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