250 days of access to clean water for supplement income in Cambodia

Give Access to Water for Supplement Income

Bitcoin Enpact - 250 days of access to clean water for supplemen

Impact Level

Provided funding 250 days of access to clean water for supplement income.

Project managed by: Trailblazer Foundation

Country: Cambodia

Project Description

Once a villager has access to a convenient and ample water source, they can think beyond basic life-sustaining capacities. Low agricultural productivity often means there is little, if any, surplus produce from the family garden to sell, and low income leads to continued poor nutrition and health.

By focusing on improving the quality and quantity of food our rural partners eat, their hunger and poverty are reduced. A well provides farmers with consistent access to water to enhance and expand agricultural activities, thereby improving their food security and sanitation and hygiene conditions.

More About This Project

Each year Trailblazer drills a minimum of 100 wells. Since 2005, that equates to at least 1,500 wells having been drilled in 15 years. With an average family size of 5, this means at least 7,500 people have access to water for personal and irrigation purposes. One well can service one to three families [or 15 people]. Depending on how clustered the families live, this means that potentially 22,500 people now have access to water.

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