2555 days of medical protection to street dogs in Nepal

Vaccinate a Street Dog against Rabies

Bitcoin Enpact - 2555 days of medical protection to street dogs

Impact Level

Provided funding for 2555 days of medical protection to street dogs.

Project managed by: Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre UK

Country: Nepal

Project Description

Rabies kills over 50,000 people per year including hundreds in Nepal. It is transmitted by bites from dogs that have been infected with the virus, often from wild animals. Vaccination of dogs against rabies protects them and their communities. Rabies virus causes severe infection of the central nervous system and disrupts proper functioning of the body. This fatal disease is prevalent in countries that cannot afford government vaccination schemes. Previously local authorities have culled street dogs in response to rabies outbreaks. Help the dogs and the communities at the same time.

More About This Project

HART has bases in the towns of Pokkhara and Bharatpur, with mobile clinics carried out throughout Nepal regularly. At least 70% of the dogs in both towns are vaccinated annually. Immunising 70% of dogs in a community virtually eradicates the threat of this deadly virus. Over its years of operation HART has vaccinated over 29,826 dogs (as of Nov 2020). The organisation conducts annual mass dog vaccinations in its base towns and also delivers outreach programmes. HART also proudly partners with Dog Data so that everyone can get an easy overview of which dogs in which areas have been vaccinated already. You can check it out here: http://dogdata.uk/vaccinations-overview/

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