295 days of school for children in Mica Mining areas in India

Provide Education for Children in Mica Mining Areas

Bitcoin Enpact - 295 days of school for children in Mica Mining

Impact Level

Provided funding for 295 days of school for children in Mica Mining areas.

Project managed by: Children of India Foundation

Country: India

Project Description

In Jharkhand’s mica belt in India, children as young as five are forced to work in hazardous mines at risk of severe injury. Poor socio-economic conditions in the region, low wages and the lack of job opportunities makes it difficult for families to support their children’s education. As such, many children become vulnerable to child labour. By supporting this project, you provide continued access to free education for the children aged 3-18 in mica mining areas, as well as study materials, school supplies, sports equipment, and digital learning resources.

More About This Project

The mica mining area of Jharkhand, India, is one of the most socio-economically deprived regions in India, with 37% of population living below the poverty line. Poor economic conditions and inadequate access to educational facilities are the primary causes of children being irregular or dropping out of the school, even working as child labourers in mica mining. With the COVID-19 pandemic inducing lockdowns of educational institutions, education has become even more inaccessible, due to limited internet connectivity and the lack of digital learning resources.

By empowering children through sustained academic programs, Children of India Foundation (CIF) aims for the elimination of child labour by providing support with study materials and digital learning facilities, promoting peer learning, establishing mobile libraries, and building the capacities of educational institutions.

CIF provides an average of 295 days of education for 4400 children aged 3-18 every year.

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