30 days of access to clothing for rescued sex trafficked girls in India

Provide Clothes for a Girl Rescued from Sex Trafficking

Bitcoin Enpact - 30 days of access to clothing for rescued sex t

Impact Level

Provided funding for 30 days of access to clothing for rescued sex trafficked girls.

Project managed by: Save the Children India

Country: India

Project Description

Restore the dignity of a girl rescued from commercial sexual exploitation by sponsoring clean and fresh clothing. At the time of their rescue, these girls have either minimal or no belongings. Before being rescued they are at the mercy of their kidnappers/traffickers and are prone to physical, mental and sexual violence. Your contribution will aid in the rehabilitation of these girls, restoring a new self-worth. Save the Children India also helps the girls to take first steps on a new path leading to a brighter future.

More About This Project

Save the Children India’s human trafficking and prevention program provides clothing for 150 rescued girls at a time. These girls hail from a weak socio-economic strata of society and have been lured with the promise of livelihood in the cities but are forced into commercial sex trade. After their rescue, these girls are provided rehabilitative care & protection along with clothing, life-skills and vocational training by Save The Children India. The clothes are mainly sourced from local manufacturers.

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