365 days of access to a toilet to underprivileged families in India

Provide a Sanitary Latrine for a Family

Bitcoin Enpact - 365 days of access to a toilet to underprivileg

Impact Level

Provided funding for 365 days of access to a toilet to underprivileged families.

Project managed by: Habitat for Humanity India

Country: India

Project Description

Provide a sanitary household latrine to an underprivileged family living below the poverty line in India. Safe and hygienic sanitation facilities improve overall health by reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases. Field workers are trained and leach pits are dug for the construction of the sanitation units. With periodic repairs and maintenance, a sanitary unit can serve a family for 20 to 30 years. Put an end to the undesirable practice of open defecation and provide families in rural India with a sense of dignity by improving their quality of life.

More About This Project

Habitat for Humanity India wants to change people’s lives and so their approach to better sanitation comes in many shapes and colors. They educate the local communities and teach them about hygiene standards and sanitation, they provide access to clean water and one important part is also the access to latrines for each household. One latrine takes around 20 days to build and has a huge impact on everyday life. So far, they installed around 60 sanitary latrines for families.

“As a child, I never really realized what it meant to defecate behind closed doors. Just like the others I did not hesitate to defecate in the open. But as I grew, it became embarrassing to relieve myself in the open. I had to wait for the sun to go down. And the most difficult days were during my menstrual period. A toilet inside my house has brought about a drastic change for me. We are now promoting the importance of hygiene and sanitation to our fellow villagers.” – Rohini Karale, Karjat (Maharashtra)

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