365 days of financial and business training to women in Burundi

Equip Women to Build a Brighter Future in Burundi

Bitcoin Enpact - 365 days of financial and business training to

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Provided funding for 365 days of financial and business training to women in Burundi

Project managed by: Five Talents

Country: Burundi

Project Description

Five Talents’ partners in Burundi support communities to build their own businesses by providing training & access to financial services to women who have been marginalised. These women join Savings Groups which are owned and operated by themselves – making members the key stakeholders in building a brighter future. Women find social support and solidarity in their Groups as they create small businesses that sustain their families. By saving their money together and using their own resources, women address the challenges their communities face, paving the way for sustainable change.

More About This Project

Burundi is a low income country, ranked 185 out of 189 countries by the UN Development Programme (UNDP HDI, 2017). Statistics from 2013 suggest the number of people living on less than $1.90 a day was 7.1 million (74% of the population).

In Burundi, Savings Groups members start with literacy & numeracy training to provide a strong foundation as they begin saving and investing in small businesses. Together, communities pool their savings and make loans to one another, electing their own leaders and setting interest rates and loan terms. In Burundi, there are over 7,600 members, of which 75% are women, who can now build businesses to provide income for their families.

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