365 days of financial and business training to women in Tanzania

Build Sustainable Livelihoods in Tanzania

Bitcoin Enpact - 365 days of financial and business training to

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Provided funding for 365 days of financial and business training to women

Project managed by: Five Talents

Country: Tanzania

Project Description

Five Talents works with partners in Tanzania to establish and train Savings Groups. Savings Groups are created in very rural communities who have limited access to financial services. They are supported to save together and use their own resources to address the adversities they face. Over 7,800 members in Tanzania have received business skills training and support as they build small businesses and sustain their families. Your support enables Five Talents and their partners in Tanzania to reach out to even more women & men so they can learn, earn, save and invest in a brighter future.

More About This Project

In Tanzania, 49% of the population live below the income poverty line of $1.90 a day. Almost 8 out of 10 adults only have a primary school education and of those who are financially excluded, 66% live in rural areas.

The Savings Groups our partners establish are community owned and operated – they support member growth through access to financial services and training. Over 80% of members in Tanzania are women who wish to provide a better future for their families. The business training in Savings Groups equips the members to build their profits so that they have better access to healthcare, education and nutritious foods. Together, members have saved over $72,000, which enables them to better withstand sudden financial shocks and emergencies, building their resilience and sustaining their families.

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