3,650 days of access to clean drinking water for people via solar-powered reverse osmosis in Vietnam

End Thirst with Solar Power

Bitcoin Enpact - 3650 days of access to clean drinking water for

Impact Level

Provided funding for 3,650 days of access to clean drinking water for people via solar-powered reverse osmosis .

Project managed by: GreenID

Country: Vietnam

Project Description

Children, women, and impoverished villages in different provinces along the Mekong Delta suffer from severe drought and saline intrusion of their water supply. GreenID gives them access to clean drinking water by combining solar power with a Reverse Osmosis filter system to filter saline water sources to supply fresh water for drinking. By installing these systems in schools and community houses, the daily water needs of these local communities can be fulfilled. You can help cover the installation and maintenance cost for families by supporting this project.

More About This Project

GreenID has been successfully introduced this model of water filtration to villages in Vietnam including Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Bac Giang, Dak lak, An Giang, and Ca Mau since 2013. The surplus of clean water generated can even then be sold to local people at a price 50% lower than the market price and less than US$0.50 per bottle of 20L. The money from selling the water is then used to pay the salary of the system operator and maintenance crew, ensuring a financially sustainable operation.

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