480 days of access to winter protection in Moldova

Provide Winter Protection for Children

Bitcoin Enpact - 480 days of access to winter protection in Mold

Impact Level

Provided funding for 480 days of access to winter protection.

Project managed by: ChildAid to Eastern Europe

Country: Moldova

Project Description

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe and the winters are harsh, posing a real threat for the poor and vulnerable. In such circumstances, winter protection is not a luxury but life-saving. Giving warm gloves, scarves, socks or blankets is not a luxury or fashion accessories, but gives them essential protection, reduces risk of illness, as well as giving comfort and dignity and ensuring that they do not miss school and their all-important education.

More About This Project

“When you inspire one person you have already changed the world” (Sabine Nore).

You can do that with even the smallest of gifts, as such small gifts can have a dramatic impact on how a child sees the world around them. Resources are scarce and many people live in dire poverty without the possibility to prepare themselves for the cold winters in Moldova. Giving daily or longer winter protection might seem something small and ordinary for many people but it means comfort and dignity for many children in Moldova. ChildAid for Eastern Europe provides winter protection for at least 100 children lasting an entire winter season.

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