5 days of counselling to strengthen families and prevent child slavery in Thailand

Provide Counselling to Prevent Child Slavery

Bitcoin Enpact - 5 days of counselling to strengthen families an

Impact Level

Provided funding for 5 days of counselling to strengthen families and prevent child slavery.

Project managed by: Shade Tree Foundation

Country: Thailand

Project Description

When families lose hope their children fall prey to trafficking. For desperate migrant parents living in terrible poverty on the Thai/Myanmar border, giving up their children may seem like the best choice available. Give them space to breathe and the transformational tools to both envision a better future together and to put a plan into action that will make that future real. Give these families hope through one-on-one counselling and bring healing to hurting families and help them stay together and protect their children.

More About This Project

Migrant families on the Thai/Myanmar border suffer from the hopelessness of decades of civil war and extreme poverty. They migrate to Thailand looking for opportunity. Life as a laborer in a border town is much harder than expected for most and the lack of traditional social structures puts the children in danger.

Shade Tree Foundation specifically targets families that are at high risk of child abandonment with practical help to get through the crisis and equip them to build a stable future.
• Pregnant Mothers
• Breastfeeding mothers
• Single parent families
• Families with a disabled child
• Families where a parent is too sick to work
• Families that have no work or food

None of the families that Shade Tree have worked with have given up their children.

There are so many more families in need of this critical support. While they can currently work with about 20 families at one time, they are striving to increase this capacity to 100.

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