500 calls home for human trafficking survivors in Vietnam

Enable Human Trafficking Survivors to Call Home

Bitcoin Enpact - 500 calls home for human trafficking survivors

Impact Level

Provided funding for 500 calls home for human trafficking survivors

Project managed by: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Country: Vietnam

Project Description

Pay for a phone call so that a survivor of human trafficking can stay in touch with their family. Many survivors can’t return to their home town due to social stigma and discrimination, or they need to be in Hanoi to access education and training. After Blue Dragon rescues them, usually from forced ‘marriages’ or from brothels in China, they stay in Blue Dragon’s community-based shelters getting psychological help and all the support they need rebuilding their lives. During this difficult process, a call home gives them comfort and the motivation to keep going, even in their darkest hour.

More About This Project

A first conversation with their families after months or years in slavery can make all the difference for human trafficking survivors. Most of these girls and women have been betrayed by somebody they knew and sold as ‘brides’ or to brothels. When they get to Blue Dragon’s shelter, their trust has been destroyed, their confidence has vanished and they must relearn many skills that have been lost during their time in captivity. In those first hours after the rescue, hearing a familiar voice after so long really helps them feel safe again. Later, as they go through the extremely difficult recovery process, feeling the love and support of those who care about them the most is essential. In many cases, the survivors can’t go home due to the stigma they face in their community or because there is a risk for their lives, as traffickers aren’t always captured. In these situations, the warm voice of a mother, a brother or a father on the other end of the line can mean everything.

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