500 cups of rice to feed children in crisis in Vietnam

Feed Children in Crisis

Bitcoin Enpact - 500 cups of rice to feed children in crisis in

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Provided funding for 500 cups of rice to feed children in crisis.

Project managed by: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Country: Vietnam

Project Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged communities into poverty. Rice is a staple in the Vietnamese diet. By purchasing a cup of rice you’re giving children who have been living on the streets or trapped in slavery the base for a nutritious meal. Help them to get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy! For street kids and runaways from broken families, what a cup of rice shared with other children provides goes beyond nutrition, it also gives children a sense of belonging by bringing them together with people who care. Give rice to feed the bodies and souls of these children in crisis.

More About This Project

Rice is not only the base of the Vietnamese diet, but also easy to store for a long time. By ensuring their pantries are stocked with rice, you’ll allow poor families to spend the little money they have available every day on fresh vegetables, fish and meat to give their children the nutrients they need, and to put food on the table even on days when there is no money. For human trafficking survivors, a taste of home is one of the first aspects that helps them feel safe and realise they are no longer captive in an alien place. Rice-based meals help them recover both physically and psychologically.

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