60 days of access to an Orbit Reader 20 to visually impaired learners in Kenya

Provide Digital Braille Assistive Devices to Visually Impaired Learners

Bitcoin Enpact - 60 days of access to an Orbit Reader 20 to visu

Impact Level

Provided funding for 60 days of access to an Orbit Reader 20 to visually impaired learners.

Project managed by: Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa

Country: Kenya

Project Description

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa works to support the inclusion of learners with visual impairments (VI) by providing them with digital literacy and skills. Access to quality education is impacted by the high cost of Braille assistive devices. KBTA provides the Orbit Reader 20 devices for VI learners in schools. The current ratio of Braille devices to the learner is 1:3, and KBTA seeks to reduce this to 1:1 ensuring that every VI learner has a device. Public schools are inadequate funds by the Government. Your support ensures VI learners in school can actually access digital literacy and skills.

More About This Project

The mechanical Braille equipment is cumbersome and costly due to the need for expensive Braille paper and transcribers. With the OR20 devices, learners can actively participate in the classroom, and take their notes, assignments and examinations. The OR20 uses mobile applications via Bluetooth to enable the participation of VI learners to communicate with the teacher even if they are not Braille literate. This enhances the level of support to the learners by the teacher in the inclusive classroom. KBTA will also provide spare parts and support the trained school-based technicians to repair and maintain the devices, thus ensuring continuity of use of the devices and reducing the overall cost of their education to the government and the schools as well as being friendly to the environment by eliminating the use of paper.

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