60 days of sports program to a disadvantaged children in India

Teach Life Skills to Young Adults through Sports

Bitcoin Enpact - 60 days of sports program to a disadvantaged ch

Impact Level

Provided funding for 60 days of sports program to a disadvantaged children.

Project managed by: Dream A Dream

Country: India

Project Description

Ensure the holistic development of an adolescent by sponsoring a professional football session. Those young people come from vulnerable backgrounds having experienced abuse, rejection/abandonment and extreme poverty rendering them unable to cope up with the frantic pace of adult life. Football proves to be a successful medium to impart life skills. They are encouraged to speak up, to communicate and to develop new ideas – in a team. Continuous support and encouragement create a safe space that leads to trust and acceptance. And not to forget, they have fun and enjoy themselves.

More About This Project

Dream a Dream teaches Life Skills to children between the age of 8 to 20 years, mainly in low cost schools, government schools and aided schools. The children participating come from disadvantaged backgrounds, many experienced lack of love and care, abuse, violence, rejection/abandonment, extreme poverty and malnutrition resulting in failure to thrive and explore their full potential. Many have poor cognitive sills, missed sensitive periods of development, high anxiety or poor relationship and emotional skills.

Dream a Dream follows the ‘Arc of Transformation’ approach for developing life skills. Each year the After School Life Skills programmes imparts life skills using creative arts, outdoor experiential camp or football to 5000 young people between the age group of 8 to 15 from the vulnerable background attending low cost private schools or Government schools or a government aided schools. In 2020, this program reached over 1200 young adults despite COVID restrictions.

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