7 days of access to solar lighting to underprivileged people in India

Light Up a Family Home with Solar Lights

Bitcoin Enpact - 7 days of access to solar lighting to underpriv

Impact Level

Provided funding for 7 days of access to solar lighting to underprivileged people.

Project managed by: Habitat for Humanity India

Country: India

Project Description

Families living tribal communities, rural mountain or forest areas do not have adequate facilities or resources to get an electricity connection. Light up the lives of an underprivileged family in India by installing a solar lighting unit in a household and give the family access to clean and sustainable energy in their home and protect their health by reducing indoor air-pollution. Adequate lighting goes a long way in supporting daily household tasks such as cooking and also enables children to study and complete their school work. Your support will create happier and healthier homes.

More About This Project

Many families in remote or rural areas do not have the option to get an electricity connection and many also do not have the monetary resources for it. Solar lamps are the best alternatives for the families and we have lots of successful stories too. Installation of renewable energy resources of solar power system will not only help rural livelihood by protecting their health and making their daily tasks possible but light also enables the children to do their homework and the solar energy lamps also free up resources for the family.

One example project is Mulshi. It is one of the 14 blocks situated in Pune district in Maharashtra. The block has 147 villages and there are in total 38,014 homes. The biggest part is well connected with the other areas but there are few tribal communities who live just too far or even in forests and are therefore too far from the developed area. Those are the families, Habitat for Humanity India wants to help so urgently.

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