730 days of access to health education for children in Myanmar

Provide Access to Health Education Services for Children

Bitcoin Enpact - 730 days of access to health education for chil

Impact Level

Provided funding for 730 days of access to health education for children.

Project managed by: Child’s Dream

Country: Myanmar

Project Description

In remote areas of Myanmar, the government is not able to provide health and education services to the ethnic communities. The result is poor health and education standards in these areas. Often, students in these areas have poor personal hygiene and have to miss classes due to health reasons. Additionally, schools often have poor sanitation and unhygienic school grounds. Your support will bring regular health education sessions to schools in remote areas of Myanmar, as well as two health check-ups per student per year.

More About This Project

Myanmar has one of the highest under-five mortality rates in South-East Asia, but most of these deaths could be prevented by effective health interventions. Many students in remote areas of Myanmar suffer from poor health and hygiene in school, avoidable diseases, and malnutrition. Students lack nutrition and sometimes arrive hungry to school, and students lack knowledge about good hygiene practices. This project will help to directly raise awareness among students and teachers about good personal hygiene practices through trainings that are conducted for teachers and students about sanitation, hygiene and school environmental issues, and will also help to provide regular health check-ups for students, and treatment for basic illnesses. Regular health education will encourage families to adopt good hygiene practices.

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