730 days of transportation for children to get to school in Cambodia

Give a Bicycle to Promote Education

Bitcoin Enpact - 730 days of transportation for children to get

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Provided funding for 730 days of transportation for children to get to school in Cambodia.

Project managed by: Trailblazer Foundation

Country: Cambodia

Project Description

Formal education is not always an option for families in Siem Reap. One way to break the cycle of poverty is to ensure children have the opportunity to go to school – something most of us might take for granted for our own children. This project works to reduce a barrier to education by providing hundreds of bicycles to partner villages, so students can travel to schools within their district. This is particularly true of students in Junior and Senior High, as not every village has one of these schools. Without a bicycle, many students simply drop out as their school is too far to walk to.

More About This Project

It takes 36 bicycles to ‘Fill the Truck’ for a delivery. These bicycles go to students who have going to be going into the secondary level of school. A bike is a vital mode of transportation, which helps these children travel the far distance needed to attend school. Without a bicycle, students often drop out. Trailblazer has delivered 510 bicycles since 2010.

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