80 days of access to boots for winter protection in Ukraine

Provide Boots to Protect Children from Winter

Bitcoin Enpact - 80 days of access to boots for winter protection in Ukraine

Impact Level

Provided funding for 80 days of access to boots for winter protection.

Project managed by: ChildAid to Eastern Europe

Country: Ukraine

Project Description

Winters in the Ukraine can get as cold as -40C and last around 4 months, proper winter clothes are therefore not a luxury but crucial in this life-threatening cold. However, many families struggeling with poverty don’t have the means to provide winter boots for their children. Keep those children warm and prevent their feet from being irreparably damaged by providing warm winter boots for a day.

More About This Project

Not having the proper footwear in those low temperatures as low as -4-C is not only life-threatening but it also limits children living in pverty in their ability to attend school or simply leave the house. ChildAid for Eastern Europe has helped around 250-1,000 children by providing them with insulation from the cold winter. The families are referred to Child Aid from social services, or are participants of Child Aid’s other programmes, or are families in crisis following the war in eastern Ukraine.

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