80 days of access to information sessions for expectant mothers in India

Provide Information Sessions for Expectant Mothers

Bitcoin Enpact - 80 days of access to information sessions for e

Impact Level

Provided funding 80 days of access to information sessions for expectant mothers.

Project managed by: Academy of Root Development

Country: India

Project Description

Support the daily operations of an information group for pregnant and lactating mothers that informs women in Bihar about Nutrition, Safe Delivery as a primary concern, Breastfeeding, the importance of colostrum for newborns, Immunisation and their entitlements. Protect the future of a mother and her child by equipping her with essential knowledge. Your support provides the wages of a trained Reproductive and Child Health worker to provide information and support for expectant mothers in pre-natal and post-natal care for themselves and their offspring.

More About This Project

One critical strategy for reducing maternal morbidity and mortality is ensuring that every baby is delivered with the assistance of a skilled birth attendant. Experts agree that the risk of stillbirth or death due to intrapartum–related complication can be reduced by about 20 percent with the presence of a skilled birth attendant. Reflecting its importance in reducing maternal morbidity and mortality, skilled birth attendance was included as indicator 3.1.2 under goal 3 and target 3.1 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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