80 days of financial and business training to women in South Sudan

Support Healing and Training in South Sudan

Bitcoin Enpact - 80 days of financial and business training to w

Impact Level

Provided funding for 80 days of financial and business training to women.

Project managed by: Five Talents

Country: South Sudan

Project Description

Five Talents’ partners in South Sudan use savings-led microfinance to bring women together to save and build their own businesses. In Savings Groups, members access financial services as well as literacy, numeracy and business skills training that supports communities to address their own adversities. Groups begin with literacy training and in some cases trauma healing, before graduating to savings & loans. Groups provide a much needed safe place for communities to gather to learn, earn, save and invest. Your support enables the creation of those safe spaces with communities in South Sudan.

More About This Project

In South Sudan 42.7% of the population lives below the income poverty line of $1.90 a day.

This project aims to transform the lives of those displaced by ongoing conflict, through economic support. Your contributions enable our partners to train members so they can learn, earn, save and invest together. The programme has over 5,500 members. And together, those members have saved nearly $80,000, enabling them to provide better access to education, nutritious food and healthcare for their families.

Because Savings Groups are managed by the communities themselves they are able to use their own resources to quickly address the challenges they face, together.

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