90 days of education to people to prevent child trafficking in Thailand

Educate Families to Prevent Child Trafficking and Abuse

Bitcoin Enpact - 90 days of education to people to prevent child

Impact Level

Provided funding for 90 days of education to people to prevent child trafficking

Project managed by: Shade Tree Foundation

Country: Thailand

Project Description

Refugee families on the Thai/Burma border have never learned basic skills and concepts that strong families take for granted. This lack of knowledge puts their children at high risk for abuse and trafficking. Provide parenting classes for families who have never learned how to bond with their children or keep them healthy in body, mind, and heart. Help nurture their children from womb, through school, and into adult life by giving training in prenatal health and childbirth, early childhood development, positive parenting, community health and nutrition, domestic violence prevention, and more.

More About This Project

Many migrant parents have little to no formal education, which severely limits their access to basic knowledge. Even with access they don’t know the questions to ask or the information to look for that would help them make their children and family stronger. Shade Tree Foundation has developed classes that are specifically tailored to the culture, and accessible for those who have no education, to equip parents with the knowledge and skills they need to help their children grow up to be strong and healthy adults.

They have three high impact focus areas:

  • How to raise Healthy, Smart, and Strong Children
  • How to have a Peaceful and Supportive Household
  • How to get sick less

In every class they have families coming to the teachers saying things like, “For years our home has been full of yelling and fighting. Now, for the first time we know what peace and happiness feels like.”

They are working to extend this Family Education to thousands more families in this region and beyond.

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