90 days of primary school education to disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe

Educate Primary School Children in Zimbabwe

Bitcoin Enpact - 90 days of primary school education to disadvan

Impact Level

Provided funding for 90 days of primary school education to disadvantaged children

Project managed by: Vana Trust

Country:  Zimbabwe

Project Description

Zimbabwe is faced with widespread poverty and lack of opportunities, especially for the young. Education can be a solution that helps break the poverty cycle and opens new opportunities. Vana Trust supports the future of Zimbabwe’s children by paying their tuition fees for primary school. Providing education promotes the total development of children, both socially and physically, as well as guiding children to embrace correct social norms, values, attitudes and beliefs as citizens.

More About This Project

Vana Trust’s programme is aimed at helping children in the Marondera district, Mashonaland East Province. They support each child for the duration of their primary education which is normally from the age of 5 through 11. Primary education is provided mainly by St David’s Nyandoro Primary School, but also other local primary schools. Currently, they have 16 children in primary education.

In addition to paying tuition fees, Vana Trust also supports the schools by providing other materials such as books and computers, clean water and building repairs. And their support doesn’t stop after primary education, they also continue their sponsorship through secondary education and on to University.

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