Our Bitcoin Strategy

We believe that Bitcoin represents the world’s best chance of achieving sound money and the transformational benefits that brings when empowering billions of people.


  1. We have been endowed with some Bitcoin (BTC) which forms our core treasury.
  2. Our intention is to hold this core position for the long-term and use collateralised loans and yield generation to extract value along the way to fund projects in pursuit of our stated mission.
  3. In the event that funding from 2. and donations from the BTC community aren’t sufficient to meet our aims, then we undertake to hold our core BTC for at least 4 years to end 2025 and then sell no more than 10% per annum on a reducing balance basis thereafter. This ensures we never exhaust our BTC treasury.
  4. All treasury BTC, when not deposited with vetted third parties for yield generation or as collateral for BTC backed loans, will be held securely by multi-sig self custody with dispersed keys. Not your keys, not your coins.

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