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Do you understand the basics of Bitcoin? Take this quick quiz to find out!   

Simply answer 21 questions about your basic understanding of Bitcoin in this Bitcoin quiz and we’ll send you a 10-page personalized report

This quiz has been designed to gauge your basic understanding of Bitcoin and help pinpoint any knowledge gaps that may exist. It provides instant, actionable tips on how to improve but be warned it does include some trick questions just to keep you on your toes!

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You’ll be scored against 3 key areas to determine your bitcoin quiz score  


Knowing the basic origin story of Bitcoin is important for understanding what makes it so special.


Being aware of the key features of the network is important for understanding why it is such a unique innovation.


Understanding why Bitcoin is a compelling and unique investment is critical for your future financial success.

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Just 21 true or false questions to answer

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“This Quiz has reinforced my belief in Bitcoin being a force for financial empowerment. I think this tool is essential for people just starting on their Bitcoin journey” – GW

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It’s free and only takes 2 minutes!